Paper Submission Deadline

July 21
September 6,2024

Notification of Paper Acceptance

August 31
September 16,2024

  Final Paper Submission      

September 13
September 30,2024

Registration for Accepted Papers

September 29
September 30,2024

Conference Objectives and Scope

The aim of the ETCEI 2024 Conference is to highlight the synergies and results of the cooperation of academic and research institutions and their researchers with entrepreneur entities in cutting-edge technology fields.

    The conference program will include presentations of results in both lecture and poster format as well as discussion panels.
    An engaging exhibition will take place where the conference Sponsors will highlight their latest advancements & technological innovation.
    A career day will be organized for the University students to facilitate the connection and the transition to the ICT industry.
Emerging Tech Conference
Edge Intelligence.
Emerging Tech Conference
Edge Intelligence.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

AI & ML at the Edge
Smart applications of Edge/Fog Computing: Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Digital Twins, Smart Mobility, etc
Edge AI and Machine Learning at the Edge
Novel Applications and Case Studies with Edge and Fog Computing for IoT
IoT and Edge-Oriented software development processes and quality metrics
Deployment, Management, and Maintenance of Edge intelligent systems
Field Devices & Sensors
Sensor and sensors interfacing technologies
Energy optimization for Edge devices
New technologies & Environmental protection
Electric Vehicles & Electromobility
Energy storage systems

Circuits/Systems & CAD in the Era of AI
Architectures, Frameworks, Techniques, and Protocols for Intelligent Edge/Fog Processing
Edge solutions towards 5G integration
Hardware design and prototyping for Edge and Fog Computing for IoT
Simulation and Analysis Techniques for Edge Intelligence
Digitalization & Optimization
Circuits and systems for Edge applications
October 17-18 2024.
October 17-18 2024.